Lebanon: Multi-sectoral Humanitarian Response to the Beirut Explosion and Overlapping Crises in Lebanon- LEB211 Extension

Since 2019 Lebanon has been experiencing a series of disasters ranging from the beginning of an economic crisis, the outbreak of COVID-19, and the devastating 2020 Beirut Blast. Combined with the political deadlock in the country and the inability to reach a common understanding of how the country should proceed, the economic crisis only worsened to extreme lengths. As a result, the Lebanese currency continued to depreciate while inflation increased. More people fell into poverty and those already classified as vulnerable are now in a much more difficult position, large numbers of people can no longer afford to pay for basic needs. This made them unable to afford healthcare and education as money is very scarce and only covers necessities of food. Assessments among the affected population highlighted the need for food, cash assistance, rehabilitation and psychosocial support.

The extension for additional 12 months of the appeal is based upon the needs assessments of ACT members in the appeal DSPR and MECC, and  arises from the high humanitarian needs on ground to respond to the current crises in Lebanon as the appeal was underfunded.

LEB211 Appeal – Extension