RRF 06/2024 – Malawi: Emergency Response to El Niño

The Government of Malawi declared a state of disaster due to drought, brought about by a dry season.

The Government of Malawi estimates that about nine million people have been affected by drought, which has been considered as the worst in years, with February 2024 recorded as the driest and hottest month since 1981 (SADC Regional Humanitarian Appeal, May 2024). The drought has been persistent in the southern Africa regions affecting the whole Zambesi basin (JRC Global Drought Observatory, Drought in Southern Africa, April 2024).

Churches Action in Relief and Development (CARD) and Evangelical Lutheran Development Service (ELDS) in Malawi are planning to respond to the drought using Rapid Response Funds to support people affected by the drought.

The project will target women and children headed households, people with disabilities, the elderly and chronically ill among other vulnerable groups.

RRF 06 2024 Malawi Drought