On Going Crises in Gaza and West Bank – PSE161

Due to the deteriorated situation in recent months in Gaza and West Bank; and as most of the international community donors have frozen their funds to the Palestinian government, including Israel, the United States, Canada, and the European Union after the formation of a Hamas-controlled government in 2006; the international donors’ support is a dire need to the Gaza and West Bank vulnerable population. Accordingly, ACT Alliance, through its ACT Palestine Forum (APF) members, have visualized and assessed the needs to continue its humanitarian assistance program to assist the vulnerable Palestinians in their homelands, reduce the suffering, and improve livelihoods of the affected population in Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT). Agricultural, Livelihoods Early Recovery, Protection, Psychosocial Support, Cash Relief, Health, Education, Job Creation, WASH, and Animal Raising/Fodder activities will be implemented.

Appeals_05_2016_PSE161_Gaza West Bank