Refugee Crisis in Armenia – ARM161

Since the eruption of the Syrian conflict in 2011, about 4.2 million people have been displaced outside Syria. More than 20,000 Syrian refugees came to Armenia. The vast majority of them are of Armenian descendants from Aleppo. Other minorities such as the Yezidis and the Assyrians have also found refuge in Armenia. Furthermore, there are also approximately 1,000 refugees from Northern-Iraq in Armenia.


Currently, there are approximately 10,000 Syrian refugees registered as vulnerable and in need of humanitarian assistance in Armenia. Moreover, Armenia is among the countries in Europe with the highest per capita ratio of refugees/asylum seekers from Syria (6 Syrian refugees per 1,000 inhabitants). The lack of the governments’ ability to adequately address the needs of refugees in Armenia calls for local and international organizations to provide subsidiary support.

The ACT Armenia forum plans to respond to the refugee crisis and to contribute to the dignity and resilience of refugees in Armenia, through its forum members WCC Armenia Inter-Church Charitable Round Table Foundation (ART), United Methodist Committee on Relief Armenia Mission (UMCOR) and Ecumenical Loan Foundation in Armenia (ECLOF) by addressing the most pressing needs in shelter, livelihoods, psychosocial support and community resilience.


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