RRF 13/2023 – El Salvador: Humanitarian response to the population affected by Tropical Storm Pilar

Since the 30th of October, Tropical Storm Pilar (TS Pilar) has caused heavy rains and flash flooding, pouring between 144.5 and 210.0 mm of rain in the first 11 hours of the meteorological phenomenon. It rained the equivalent of the entire month of November. 

Both the Federation of Agrarian Reform Cooperatives of the Central Region (FECORACEN in Spanish) and the Salvadoran Chamber of Small and Medium Agricultural Producers (CAMPO in Spanish) report that the losses of livelihoods and agricultural production crops amount to up to 75% of beans and 50% of corn, which will imply an increase in the price of products in the basic basket. They estimate the losses amount to $22.2 million, of which $15.2 million correspond to bean crops and $7 million to corn.

The National Directorate of Civil Protection registered 334 emergencies attended, among the main ones: 25 landslides, 9 rescues, 15 injured, 3 deaths, 2 missing, 9 damaged vehicles, 135 fallen trees, 15 gullies, 3 houses destroyed, 35 homes flooded, 66 homes affected and 15 buildings destroyed, 19 landslides, 2 rivers overflowed, 1 bridge destroyed and 1 affected, 12 communities without electricity, 2 communities without telephone communication and 90 streets affected.

This project seeks to alleviate the humanitarian needs of the population affected by Tropical Storm Pilar, in the sectors of Psychosocial Support, WASH and Food Security (through the delivery of cash transfers/vouchers). It also seeks to strengthen capacities for community resilience for disaster risk reduction. The project will last 4.5 months and will reach 873 families (3,492 people) affected by Tropical Storm Pilar, through the provision of humanitarian services and subsequent actions that were previously consulted at the community level.

The SLS and ALFALT will be the direct implementers of the project, with the support of professional staff from LWF El Salvador, Christian AID and CREDHO in terms of coordination, quality programming and monitoring.

RRF 13 2023 El Salvador Tropical Storm Pilar