Floods in Ghana – RRF Nr.5

10 June 2015 – Heavy rains for the past week have left most parts of the capital, Accra, its suburbs and other cities flooded. Assessment carried out so far indicates that about 10 districts have experienced the effects of a severe flooding. Affected districts include Accra Metropolis, Ga South Municipal, Adentan Municipality, Cape Coast, Ashaiman Municipal, Kumasi Metropolis, Ho, Ledzorkuku Krowor and Ketu South Municipal.

On June 4, a fuel station in Accra exploded as a result of the floods, leaving an estimated 150 people dead. Deaths have also been confirmed in Adentan, Mallam, Glefe, Kumasi and Odorkor. Many communities have been affected leading to heavy restriction of movement of people. The Achimota sub-­‐ station was affected by the floodwater, leading to an emergency cut in power supply to a number of communities. Damaged personal property has been reported in areas heavily affected. The severe floods-­‐induced disaster has left in its wake the destruction of both public and private buildings and road infrastructure, resulting in a sever disruption to the lives of thousands.

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