RRF – Malawi flooding and heavy stormy winds

10 January 2015 – Heavy rains and heavy stormy rains devastated the country from 5th January to date and the weather
forecast is indicating that the heavy down pours will continue. This has caused swelling of the many streams and rivers and consequently flooding of many rivers in Chikwawa, Nsanje and Karonga; and in Karonga this was combined with heavy stormy rains which have destroyed so many houses. A total of 24,938 people have been affected, with more than 8 people dead and several other people have been seriously injured.

The floods and heavy stormy rains have greatly damaged crops, food items in homes, household assets, livestock, road networks, houses, boreholes and toilets have been heavily damaged in those districts. In total the floods have destroyed 1,200 hectares of cultivable land in Chikwawa while other districts are still doing assessments to establish the extent of the damage. A total of 1,760 houses have been destroyed and affected people are being been evacuated to primary schools, churches and other houses from trading centres. Official reports from the affected districts with actual figures and realistic magnitude of damage will be shared in a situation report as soon as possible once comprehensive assessment has been done by the Area Civil Committees.

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