RRF14/2023: Lebanon – Internal Displacement

Since October 8, the number of people forcibly displaced in South Lebanon due to conflicts and violence on its borders continues to rise. These internally displaced persons found themselves in precarious situations, in desperate need of assistance and protection; especially those who do not have the means to rent elsewhere. Over 50,000 IDP’s are now scattered in collective shelters, municipalities and some in rental houses or with families. IDPs in collective shelters often lack the basic necessities of life, including food, water, healthcare, and essential supplies.

Tyre.  As of 21st of November 2023, Lebanon has recorded 55,491 internally displaced persons (IDPs).  IDPs have sought safety in 429 locations (villages or neighborhoods) across 355 cadasters throughout Lebanon. Displacement has been observed in 25 out of the 26 districts across all eight governorates. Most of the IDPs (73%) are in five districts out of the total 25 districts hosting IDPs – specifically, Sour, El Nabatieh, Aley, Beirut, and Saida.

ACT Lebanon Forum member MECC  are planning to support around 5,360 most vulnerable people directly affected by the current conflict MPCA and WASH.

RRF14 -2023 Lebanon – Internal displacement