Support to Internally Displaced People in Iraq – IRQ151 (Rev.2)

Iraq has become increasingly unstable since 2013 due to the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), controlling one-third of the country. The oil industry provides more than 90% of government revenue. ISIS imposes a high cost on the economy, and increasing insecurity and financial instability have diminished the prospects for an improving economy and for attracting foreign investment.

The sudden increase in displacement in early June 2016 reveals that the families are willing to take extremely high risks to try to escape, sometimes with grave consequences. Many people are separated from their families due to security screening. The UN estimates that thousands of families remained trapped inside Fallujah center.

Most displaced people from Fallujah are taken to Ameriyat al Fallujah where the government of Iraq and the partners had prepared tents and water, sanitation and hygiene facilities in advance. These camps are now full and overcrowded, thus; there is a need to work for rapidly setup of similar camps in other nearby towns, namely Khalidiyah and Habbaniyah. Al Garma (Karma) district has also witnessed a high influx of IDPs that have fled Fallujah and its surrounding areas. In such situation, meeting humanitarian needs of these civilians should be the foremost important priority.

IRQ151 Appeals -Second Revision- (11 July 2016)