ACT Code of Good Practice, with appendix on non-proselytism statement

The ACT Code of Good Practice is an organisational level commitment to continuous improvement and movement toward best practice principles. It complements the ACT Code of Conduct 2 which serves as a guide for individual ACT staff to make ethical decisions in their professional lives and at times in their private lives.

The Code of Good Practice for the ACT Alliance sets out common values, principles and commitments that will shape the humanitarian, development and advocacy work of ACT members. It outlines the minimum professional and ethical standards required from all ACT members.

The Code of Good Practice provides principles for all ACT members focusing in four key areas:

  1. Overarching principles – the fundamental principles that guide our work as an alliance
  2. Organisational principles – the principles that promote professional management, leadership and support in ACT member organisations to guide how we work. They provide the foundations for effective and accountable programming
  3. Programmatic principles – the principles that guide our actions in ACT member programmes addressing capacities and promoting justice and equality in line with ACT policies and guidance
  4. Relational Principles – the principles that support ACT members working together and promote collaboration, cooperation and partnership among alliance members

The Code of Good Practice is available in English, French and Spanish.

ACT Code of Good Practice & Appendix 2016 EN

ACT Código de Buenas Prácticas y apéndice 2016 SP

ACT Code de Bonne Pratiique et annexe 2016 FR