ACT Alliance Communications Strategy

The world we seek to change is itself changing. Economic power is gradually shifting from the US and Europe to the growing economies in the global East and the South, and emerging economies are playing new roles as donors and in international trade. Therefore major changes in development and humanitarian finance are foreseen in addition to increased competition for limited financial resources.

This is compounded by increased negative perceptions of non-governmental organisations across world, trends towards shrinking civil society space, and the private sector’s entrance into the development arena making use of technological advancements competing on efficiency and effectiveness with NGOs. At the same time, extreme weather events are reported to intensify and cause increasing climate-induced displacement.

Therefore, increased resources towards emergency response, human rights and climate justice advocacy is foreseen. It is within this changing arena that the 2015-2018 communications strategy, with its goal of increasing brand recognition to ensure ACT Alliance remains relevant and competitive, must be effectively implemented if the alliance is to bring about positive change to those most affected by poverty and injustice

The 2015-2018 global ACT Alliance strategy has significantly departed from the previous term strategy, creating the new narrative of the alliance as member-driven. Whereas the previous strategy detailed what members, forums and the secretariat should achieve, the new strategy focuses more on the creation of an overall framework direction of the alliance based on mutual ways of working that show the added value of being part of the network.

The communications strategy, therefore, will support this narrative, contributing to all aims of the global strategy, and specifically the enabling aim: that of increasing brand recognition to support the growth of the ‘robust alliance’. The communications strategy must enable members to work together towards increased brand recognition and reputation enhancement, and increased engagement and pride in the alliance. Therefore, the success of the communications strategy rests on setting clear stakeholder targets, working to strengths, and overcoming weaknesses to access new and existing opportunities.

The ACT Communications Strategy is available in English, French and Spanish.

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