ACT Alliance Ideas for Climate Advocacy book, 2022.


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Ideas for Climate Advocacy, 2022.

ACT News article   Ideas for Climate Advocacy: New ACT climate justice publication

 Ideas for climate advocacy, 40 pages of practical strategies for climate justice, is now available. “We must keep hope alive and I think this publication can help us,” says Mattias Söderberg, co-chair of the ACT Alliance Climate Justice Reference Group. “We can make a difference and achieve climate justice if we take action now!” 

Divided into three sections, the book covers much of what Forums, members and regional climate justice CoPs will need to improve the effectiveness of their climate advocacy.  

The first section explores ACT’s understanding of climate justice based on the foundations of our faith and as a faith-based alliance. It includes a summary of the most important scientific findings on the climate crisis drawn from the recent 6th Assessment Report of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). It examines how past and future climate impacts threaten the sustainable development of all people, but especially those in the world’s most vulnerable communities. COP26 is studied in detail to introduce climate policy and the Glasgow Climate Pact. This section ends by exploring the climate policy challenges of the coming years. 

The second section looks at advocacy practice. Using concrete examples, the publication shows how advocacy for climate justice at local, national, and international levels can be carried out in relatively simple ways. The aim is to raise the level of ambition in national and international climate targets, adaptation programmes, climate finance and in addressing climate-related Loss and Damage. This section also explains the basics of the Paris Climate Agreement and the resulting state obligations, and designing climate adaptation programmes to be gender responsive. Finally, it presents the Climate Justice Module of the ACT Advocacy Academy as the central training tool of our Climate Justice Programme. 

The third section highlights the advocacy activities of ACT’s Climate Justice Programme. Three examples illustrate how ACT Communities of Practice (CoPs) from different world regions advocate for higher climate ambition. The examples illustrate the different priorities of ACT regions for climate justice.  A bibliography and list of useful resources concludes the publication. 

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