ACT Alliance Membership Disciplinary Policy

ACT aims to ensure that all members know their membership obligations and are aware of the standards of conduct and behaviour expected of them as members of the alliance and that they meet such standards. A number of systems have been put in place to support this process, including the following:

  • Each ACT member signs a membership agreement which outlines the roles and responsibilities of the ACT member and the ACT Alliance, including the relationship between: the ACT member, the ACT Alliance governing bodies and the ACT secretariat;
  • The ACT Quality and Accountability Framework (QAF) summarises standards of quality towards which ACT can be held to account by its stakeholders and by each other, outlining membership commitments;
  • The ACT Code of Good Practice and ACT Code of Conduct are signed by the member organisation and individual staff respectively; and
  • The ACT Complaints Policy and related guidelines provide clear policy and guidance for responding to and resolving complaints.

The purpose of the disciplinary policy is to uphold professional ACT standards and to ensure a procedure is in place for addressing issues related to membership non-compliance and complaints. The policy ensures that any breach of ACT policy is managed in a structured and consistent way and that members are treated fairly, promptly, and impartially. The policy keeps members informed of the procedures and actions they may face if agreed commitments are not met.

This policy applies to all ACT members.

It is available in English, French and Spanish.

Membership disciplinary policy ENGLISH

ACT Membership disciplinary policy FRENCH

ACT Membership disciplinary policy SPANISH

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