ACT Alliance Newsletter Asia Pacific: Bangladesh

Orientation Workshop on Humanitarian Essentials in Cox’s Bazar

For a complex response like the Rohingya response and working with the host community which involves dealing with an array of diverse stakeholders, it is crucial for the humanitarian aid workers to be fully aware of core humanitarian standards, competencies, and skilled enough to carry out the humanitarian work efficiently.

ICCO Cooperation is committed toward international humanitarian standards and commitments to promote humanitarian competencies and professionalism among ICCO and the ACT agency members to leverage impact through food assistance and livelihoods recovery in the lives of both Rohingya people and the host community in Cox’s Bazar. In this regard, ICCO organized a three days orientation workshop for capacity building on humanitarian essentials of the ACT Alliance team in Bangladesh. The workshop was held in Cox’s Bazar from 24 – 26 December 2020, with technical support provided by the Humanitarian Leadership Academy (HLA).

The training was inaugurated by Silvia Rovelli, Head of Humanitarian Response, ICCO Cooperation. The 20 participants – amongst whom 5 women – were 20 frontline staff and Project Managers of the ACT Forum organizations DCA, CAID, HEKS/EPERS, LWF, CCDB and ICCO Cooperation. They were mostly from across the Food Security and Livelihood support sectors engaged in Rohingya response and host community.

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