ACT Alliance Newsletter Asia Pacific: New Humanitarian Policy

Governing Board approves the new Humanitarian Policy

ACT Alliance’s Governing Board recently approved the new Humanitarian Policy which will be rolled out in January 2022.  This policy replaces the ACT Humanitarian Policy revised in 2017. 

Here are highlights of the new policy:

  1. The Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan, through an online platform, is now mandatory to all forums.
  2. The Rapid Response Fund, intended for small- and medium-sized emergencies and accessible to national members, will have a limit of USD150,000 per member with a maximum response period of six months.
  3. An Emergency Steering Committee will be created upon the issuance of an Alert from a forum, which will decide whether an appeal will be raised. The ESC will come from ACT membership, the composition of which will be in the Operations Manual
  4. There will be fewer appeals raised in a year and will be focused on large-scale or protracted emergencies.
  5. The consortia approach will be a new addition to the humanitarian mechanism, intended to improve better access to institutional back-donor funding. The consortia approach can be used for long-term funding for early recovery and long-term development activities. 
  6. Humanitarian advocacy will put people at the center of humanitarian response and promote faith-based actors as key to deliver humanitarian assistance that builds resilience and reduces risks and vulnerabilities.
  7. A Humanitarian Operations Manual will be drafted this year and expected to be rolled out in January 2022.

The new policy will be posted in the ACT Alliance website. Please contact Cyra Bullecer ( for more information.