ACT Alliance Regional Newsletter Asia Pacific – News from Indonesia

The ACT Indonesian Forum puts its interest not only on disaster management, but also on gender justice. Some Forum-members who also work on gender justice issue are YEU, CWS, ICCO, CDRM&CDS, and PELKESI.
The latest activity on gender justice took place on March 17. PELKESI conducted a workshop on the role of the church concerning Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and Gender Based Violence (GBV). It was carried out at the Payeti Church in the East Sumba district of the East Nusa Tenggara province.
The understanding of the Sumba people on gender justice is still poor so that old habits in the community which put female inferior to male are still occurring. Therefore, churches, traditional leaders, faith leaders and other stakeholders should participate and take roles in the gender justice issue in order to implement gender justice in the Sumba society. The churches of Sumba were encouraged to be the role model in implementing gender justice, and to take an important role in the sexual and reproduction health issue.
Watch here the video about the workshop (cf. screenshot underneath).