ACT External Relations Policy

As a global humanitarian, development and advocacy network, ACT Alliance recognises the important role of relationships with key stakeholders in the humanitarian and development sectors. In its Founding Document, the alliance made the commitment that “we will build relationships, strengthen effectiveness and avoid duplication through our cooperation.”

The scope of this policy is limited to formal relationships; both short- and long-term, which ACT Alliance aims to develop with institutions which are not members of the alliance. ACT will make an effort to support and benefit from relationships at all levels, taking into consideration the respective contexts. This policy will guide all ACT external relationships in order to enable the alliance to “work closely with other national, regional and international ecumenical, inter-faith and civil society organisations that share similar objectives1.” This policy supports and encourages a range of informal relationships and connection with Faith Based Organisations (FBOs), Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), international organisations including the UN and others, and will support existing relationships of members. It will neither prescribe nor limit the ability and possibility of members and forums to engage with a wide spectrum of stakeholders. External relations will be guided by the alliance’s vision and mission.

ACT External Relations Policy 2016 E

ACT Política de Relaciones Exteriores 2016 SP

ACT Politique relative aux relations extérieures 2016 FR