ACT Resilience Award 2020 / Multi stakeholders’ dialogues

ACT Resilience Award 2020

Every year the ACT Resilience Award wants to prompt members to showcase their best-practices and promote cross-region learning on innovative resilience, disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation (CCA) projects. This year the ACT Resilience Award is linked to the Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction (GPDRR) (location to be defined) to be held in 2021.

The GPDRR will review the progress in the implementation of the Sendai Framework on DRR which was adopted in March 2015 in Japan. It is critical for ACT Alliance to be present in this forum. By submitting your good practices you will help the ACT Alliance to position and advocate for the unique role of Faith Based Organisations (FBOs) in promoting resilience and local-led DRR work.
The winning organization will be invited to participate in the Global Platform on DRR. Together we will brainstorm on how to best present the winning project within that context. The selected project will be announced and published on the ACT Alliance website, and, if possible, in all publication materials used during the GPDRR.

ACT Alliance will call for applications in December 2020. More information about this award and its application will be announced in November 2020 by the ACT Alliance Global CoP on DRR and CCA.
Multi stakeholders’ dialogues for more inclusive and ambitious climate policy and action in Asia-Pacific

ACT Alliance aims to bring together key stakeholders in order to chart a way forward for inclusive, ambitious and sustainable climate change policies and actions. Relevant stakeholders will convene and address the current challenges and stalemate in climate policy and action in Asia-Pacific.

By the 1st week of November 2020, ACT Alliance and the Asia Climate Change Consortium (ACCC) plan to organize dialogues in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, The Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, and in the Pacific.  The best practices on the sustainable, inclusive, and ambition climate policy and action from the national and regional dialogues will be shared and disseminated to the alliance members in 2021 an “idea book” publication.

If you are interested in being art of it, please contact James Munpa at