ACT Social Media Policy

ACT Alliance recognises the importance of enabling the empowerment of its local, national, regional and global structures to raise the visibility of, and engage people in, humanitarian, development and advocacy issues relevant to their contexts under the ACT Alliance brand. Branding under the ACT Alliance brand enables members to show they are part of an international collaboration.

However, ACT Alliance also recognises that social media, regardless of the localisation of the content, has a global reach that can impact positively or negatively not only on those groups involved in social media communication, but also on the over 140 member organisations that associate with the ACT Alliance brand.

This is because the ACT Alliance brand represents not only individual member organisations or groups, but a global network which must be taken into account in all forms of global communication. Social media content and messaging in the name of the ACT Alliance brand that is not in line with the ACT Alliance policies and values risks damaging the ACT Alliance brand for all members of the alliance.

This policy serves to ensure consistent messaging and communication in the name of ACT Alliance across social media channels in line with the ACT Alliance brand. In this way the brand can be managed, protected and preserved. The policy stipulates the requirements and responsibilities with which the ACT Alliance secretariat staff, ACT Alliance structures such as ACT Forums, Communities of Practice and Advisory Groups, and staff of ACT Alliance member organisations must comply when communicating through social media channels under the banner of, on behalf of, or in the name of ACT Alliance.

ACT Social Media Policy June 2017 (English)

ACT Política-Redes Sociales junio 2017 (Spanish)

ACT Politique-médias sociaux juin 2017 (French)