Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy

The incidence of corporate fraud and corruption has risen in recent years making it essential for companies and organisations to put in place effective deterrence mechanisms. Non governmental organisations, including members of the ACT Alliance, have also been affected.

The purpose of this Anti-Fraud and Corruption policy is to minimise the chances of occurrence of fraud and corruption within the ACT secretariat and within ACT Alliance member organisations which access funds through the ACT funding mechanisms, thereby ensuring that the funds and the assets that have been raised are protected from fraud and corruption-related losses.

The policy aims to:

  • Ensure that financial and other resources are used solely for the intended purposes
  • Promote a culture of honesty and openness among the staff and management of ACT
  • Ensure that vulnerable populations are not disadvantaged or exploited by staff members or their associates who commit fraudulent and corrupt acts, and
  • Assure members of staff and target populations that they can safely and confidently raise and report all serious concerns about unethical conduct, suspected fraud and corruption

This Policy applies to all ACT employees (full time, part time, temporary and casual), ACT members, and to non-ACT implementing partners who access funds from ACT members through the ACT funding mechanisms.

The ACT Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy is available in English, French and Spanish.

PolicyAnti Fraud and Corruption ENGLISH

Anti-Fraud Corruption Policy FRENCH

Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy SPANISH

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