Newsletter Asia Pacific – China

Amity Foundation’s Advocacy by Radio in Hong Kong

Even in times of social media and picture-oriented news, radio broadcasting still is of high importance in order to reach out to the community. Therefore, the Hong Kong Chinese Christian Council regularly organizes radio programmes on Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK),  the public broadcasting service in Hong Kong. Thus giving a voice to different faith-based organisations located there. Among others to ACT-member Amity Foundation’s Hong Kong office, whose communication officer Martin Lachmann recently advocated for a fair distribution of vaccines for worldwide or for international peace, cooperation and social development. “Mutual understanding, exchange and cooperation is more necessary than ever. We should use different communication channels, including radio. This makes our messages more inclusive, diverse and hopefully more impactful”, he says.  

The “Thought for the Week” organized by the Hong Kong Chinese Christian Council is broadcasted every Sunday from 8.25 – 8.35 am.