Haris, bringing hope to fight against COVID-19

Haris resides in Rawalpindi, Pakistan and works as a Human Resource (HR) officer for the Community World Service Asia, based in Islamabad. His duties comprise organizational and project based recruitment, staff care, calculating and managing employee compensation & benefits, performance management and working on identifying staff capacity building training and development opportunities.
“As an HR staff, we ensure that our employees are safe and that is why we had allowed work from home policy during this pandemic. We also ensure that every employee is calm, doesn’t worry about the global economic crisis”, he states.
What is his experience during this difficult time?

“Since Corona became a pandemic, our lives have changed a lot. Everyone is staying at home to prevent the spread of the deadly disease. We have been directed to continue our official work from home.

 There are pros and cons of working at home. The two hours consumed in the travel time, to and from home to office, are being utilized in work. However, I miss spending time with my colleagues as they served as a source of motivation and energy during work. The lunch breaks at the office were a time to mingle and socialize with everyone in the office. The refreshed us physically and mentally. Asking colleagues how they are doing or how their day been so long or playing small games after lunch brings joy and relief to us. That is what I miss the most.

When I look out from the window of my room I see cars parked in the streets outside their homes. The streets are deserted streets which is stressful sight. But it is a relief to see that families are safe and sound at their homes.

 I had to go to the hospital to vaccinate my one month old daughter. The streets and markets in Islamabad were quiet, with no one out. The Government has ordered businessmen to close all shops other than pharmacies, hospitals, grocery stores and petrol pumps. My visit to the grocery store was not pleasing as well. A person or two were to be seen wearing protective masks and gloves. Even the shop keepers have gloves and masks on to protect them.

 The Pakistan Army and policemen our working together and are stopping people who they seem are in groups and giving them awareness regarding the steps that they can take in prevention of this disease. They are encouraging people to stay at home rather than going outside with no urgent purpose in mind.

 The fast pace life did not gave us much time to spend with our families. This critical situation, however, has forced every person to stay at home and spend time together at home. I am very hopeful that things will get back to normal soon, hopefully in a few months. We must be hopeful at this difficult time!”