Newsletter Asia Pacific: Philippines

The NCCP-ACT Alliance Emergency Team in December 2020 reached 4,546 families affected by super-typhoon Goni and Vamco residing in Albay, Camarines Sur, and Rizal. They received food packs and hygiene/sanitation kits through the support of ACT Alliance members, individual and group donors. Early recovery response is ongoing, targeting communities for cash assistance, repair of shelters and water systems.
Amid continued violence in the country, the NCCP organized an “International Ecumenical Convocation on the Defense of Human Rights in the Philippines” gathering various international church groups and human rights organizations, with ACT Alliance as one of the sponsors. The church leaders and international ecumenical partners affirmed support for Filipinos who are enduring a ‘deteriorating situation of civil liberties and human rights’ through a ‘Unity Statement for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights in the Philippines’. The NCCP and its member churches continue to engage in lobbying work, campaign activities and public advocacy to uphold dignity of life.