ACT Alliance Child Safeguarding Policy

27 Jul 2015

The ACT Alliance Child Safeguarding Policy and the Child Safeguarding Guidance Document has been developed utilizing global best practice and standards in child safeguarding (‘child safeguarding’ refers to the internal-facing, business critical policies, procedures and practice that agencies employ to ensure that an organisation is child safe). This Policy is developed based on decades of […]

ACT Alliance Communications Policy

27 Jul 2015

As one of the largest global humanitarian and development alliances, ACT’s commitment to communicate the work of the alliance and global matters of injustice is paramount. ACT commits to base communication on journalistic values of timeliness, accuracy and high quality, and communicates in ways that respect the dignity, uniqueness, human rights and intrinsic worth of […]

Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy

27 Jul 2015

The incidence of corporate fraud and corruption has risen in recent years making it essential for companies and organisations to put in place effective deterrence mechanisms. Non governmental organisations, including members of the ACT Alliance, have also been affected. The purpose of this Anti-Fraud and Corruption policy is to minimise the chances of occurrence of […]

ACT Public Information Disclosure Policy

27 Jul 2015

ACT Alliance is committed to being transparent in its work and in upholding the highest professional, ethical and moral standards of accountability. A key dimension is addressing the legitimate information needs of its stakeholders, especially the people with whom ACT works, its donors, and the general public. ACT is equally accountable to its members, staff […]

ACT Branding Policy and Guidelines

27 Jul 2015

Under the terms of the ACT Alliance (ACT) Founding Document, members of ACT are obliged to incorporate the ACT brand in their communications. Commonly described as ‘co-branding’ (the duality of two brands together) the aim is to strengthen the identity, recognition, and coherence of the Alliance among the members, partners, supporters, communities ACT members serve, […]

ACT Code of Good Practice, with appendix on non-proselytism statement

27 Jul 2015

The ACT Code of Good Practice is an organisational level commitment to continuous improvement and movement toward best practice principles. It complements the ACT Code of Conduct 2 which serves as a guide for individual ACT staff to make ethical decisions in their professional lives and at times in their private lives. The Code of […]

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