Procedure for funding the ACT Forums & Secretariat

02 Jul 2019

The ACT Alliance governance has agreed that the following elements will comprise the funding base for the ACT forums and secretariat: A Forum fee that is paid by all members and observers into the forum where their headquarter is located. An Income-Based Fee (IBF) that is paid by all organizations whose annual income is over […]

ACT Global Strategy 2019-2026

22 May 2019

At the ACT Assembly in 2018, the Global Strategy Putting People First was adopted.  It is available in English, Spanish and French in a brochure format, a 12-pager and as a full Strategy document. Brochure: EN ES FR 12-page: EN ES FR Full Strategy: EN ES FR 

ACT Alliance 2017 Annual Report

04 Oct 2018

ACT Alliance is the largest Protestant/Orthodox alliance in the world that engages in humanitarian, sustainable development and advocacy work, with over 146 members present and working in 127 countries around the world. Together, we strive for a world where all may live with dignity, justice, peace and full respect for human rights and the environment. […]

ACT Alliance Statement to the Commission on Population and Development (CPD51)

11 Apr 2018

ACT Alliance Submitted a Statement to the UN Commission on Population and Development. ACT members and partners have been engaged in various events at the 51st Session of the Commission on Population and Development (CPD51). “As a coalition of over 140 churches and faith based organizations working in humanitarian response and human rights-based development in over […]

Towards the Ambitious Implementation of the Paris Agreement: A Toolkit for National Level Advocacy

15 Mar 2018

ACT Alliance has launched a Toolkit, Towards the Ambitious Implementation of the Paris Agreement.  The purpose of the Toolkit is to support the climate change advocacy actions of ACT members, forums and partners at the national level. The Toolkit guides FBOs to develop successful approaches for meaningful climate advocacy to stay at 1.5°C and to operationalise […]

Protection of Space for Civil Society and Human Rights Defenders – The Case of Israel and Palestine

05 Mar 2018

Civil society organisations in the Middle East and across the globe are actively working on a wide range of issues including service delivery, cultural, social and religious activities, human rights support, development and humanitarian response. Through these organizations, the expressions of people’s concern for their fellow citizens, for the globe and for a better future […]

ACT Alliance Advocacy Strategy (2015 – 2018)

24 Jan 2018

The ACT Alliance Advocacy Strategy (2015-2018) is available for download in English, French and Spanish. This advocacy strategy sets out ACT Alliance’s objectives and approaches for advocacy over the coming period, and will guide governance, members, forums, secretariat, advisory groups and other structures in their advocacy agenda. The Global Strategic Framework of ACT Alliance for 2015-2018 integrates […]

ACT Alliance Secretariat Independent Verification Report

18 Jan 2018

ACT Alliance_Final Report_2017-2- 24

Fundraising strategy

26 Oct 2017

Fundraising Strategy June 2017

ACT Alliance Climate Change Advocacy Framework Position (2016 – 2018)

11 Aug 2017

The ACT Alliance climate change advocacy framework position paper is designed as a broad outline of the policy areas and approaches that the alliance is working on. It serves as the general vision and guide for ACT Alliance’s climate change advocacy, campaigning, and messaging by providing a political and strategic framing of various thematic areas. […]

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