Basics of Photography

Basics of Photography – upgrade the pictures you bring home from the field

DanChurchAid Learning Lab is offering an online basic photography course that aims to equip staff and volunteers in the humanitarian- and development sector to take better photographs when they travel.

We have to document our work; it’s evidence, of why we need to do what we do, and how we do it; it’s compelling visual argument for our supporters, we have to be their eyes, without good photos our communications and fundraising are weak. Also, with billions of photographs out there, how do we stand out from the crowd?

The images need to be good enough to be used by communication staff on websites, reports and social media, and ideally, we would like them to stand out.

This course is divided in to two modules. In the first module we’ll go over a few basic rules and top tips for photography, we’ll have a couple of weeks to absorb and use what we’ve learned, and then in the second module we’ll present and examine our own photographs and make suggestions for improvements.

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