19 Jan 2016

Using the UPR to Improve the Human Rights Situation in Mozambique

Location: Geneva, Palais des Nations

Information Sharing and Best Practices

Room XXII, Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

19 January 2016, 12:30 to 14:30

Panelists: Dr Alice Mabote, Founding Member, Human Rights League,
Mozambique; Dr Sousa Gonçalves Shelle, Head of Strategic Planning
Department, Human Rights League, Mozambique; Mr Nordine Gonçalo
Ferrão, Advocacy Officer, LWF, Mozambique; Ms Angela dos Santos Jorge,
Founding Member, Women Development Association, Mozambique; MrLWF-UPR_Mozambique-2016-poster
Abdurremane Lino de Almeida, Minister of Justice and Constitutional and
Religious Affairs

Moderator: Michael French, Global RBA Programs, LWF World Service
Organized by the LWF, Geneva

Co-sponsored by the Worldwide Human Rights Movement (FIDH), Geneva

For more information please contact Emmanuel Gore at

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