Agricultural workers ride to work in the village of Dong in northern Cambodia.

ACT Alliance members work in long term transformational and sustainable development around the world and are at the forefront of this policy debate. For ACT development is deeply rooted in the growth and protection of human dignity, community resilience and environmental sustainability.

ACT Alliance supports, coordinates and facilitates long-term sustainable development activities around the world. ACT is at the forefront of the policy debate ensuring that future development activities are truly transformational and sustainable. Its core values for the three dimensions of sustainable development, namely the Social, Economic and Environmental, include development activities that are: inclusive and […]

ACT Alliance has been engaging in the post-2015 agenda to articulate new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) since the Rio+20 Conference in July 2012 held in Brazil. The MDG mandate will end at the end of 2015, and ACT Alliance has offered a faith-perspective throughout the consultation, working body […]

ACT Alliance serves as co-chair in the CPDE. This civil society platform allows all sectors and regions to engage in a dialogue on effective development planning. Founded in the Istanbul Principles (September 2010), and the Busan Agreements (December 2011), ACT Alliance has raised our voice with a wide-array of faith groups to commit ourselves to […]

ACT Alliance has redoubled its commitment to ending gender-based violence and violence against women and girls. ACT Alliance celebrates the comprehensive contribution of woman and girls to community development, sustainable development, and economic development all over the world. However, ACT Alliance members have seen first-hand the double, triple and compounded burden poverty has on the […]

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