Analysis of Danish climate finance

Climate finance is one of the thorniest issues on the UN climate change agenda. Developed countries claim to be complying with their financial commitments, while developing countries continue to ask where the money is. To overcome this recurring discussion, the parties must first hammer out and agree on some rules for the accounting of climate finance.

We, the undersigned three Danish NGOs, namely CARE Denmark, DanChurchAid and Oxfam IBIS, decided to commission the present report. We wanted to learn more about Danish climate finance, whose reporting methods are adhering to OECD guidelines and to standard practices among developed countries in general. Consequently, the conclusions are relevant for a much broader audience than our three organisations. Understanding the limitations of current reporting rules and practices is an important step in designing better climate finance accounting modalities for the future. This is already on the agenda of the UN climate negotiations. Accordingly, the recommendations of this report serve to illuminate an important debate. The conclusions of the report give rise to four recommendations on how to proceed in these difficult negotiations.

Birgitte Qvist Sørensen Niels Tofte Mie Roesdahl
Generalsekretær Generalsekretær Generalsekretær
DanChurchAid (ACT Alliance) CARE Denmark Oxfam IBIS


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