Assistant General Secretary for International Affairs and Human Rights

Starting Date:  1 April 2018
Duration of Contract:  Initial contract of 5 years
Closing date for Applications:  7 January 2018

Candidates for this position require an endorsement from an LWF member church

Basic Purpose

Reporting directly to the General Secretary with a dotted line to the Director for Theology and Public Witness, and co-opted member of the Communion Office Leadership Team (COLT), the incumbent leads, develops and implements LWF advocacy, at international level and in particular with the UN bodies, regarding political, ethical and social issues such as human rights, peace, justice and reconciliation, climate, migration, gender, and religious freedom, consistent with LWF governing documents and Assembly and Council resolutions.  She-he liaises and coordinates internally with LWF operational departments (Mission and Development, World Service, Theology and Public Witness) ensuring a consistent approach within the LWF, both in the field and Communion Office.

Required Qualifications

  • Legal training. University degree. Studies in international law, human rights, political science or in another relevant field are assets.
  • Extensive experience in promoting human rights, peace, justice and reconciliation in an international setting, preferably in the UN.
  • Proven track record on conducting research, preparing studies, developing strategies for addressing such issues, in LWF member churches or other church related organizations.
  • Ability to prepare policy documents and statements for the General Secretary in the above mentioned areas.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and negotiation skills.
  • Good understanding of faith-based approach to advocacy, ideally with experience in LWF or wider ecumenical movement.
  • Commitment to the Christian faith and to the cause of promoting human rights and human dignity.  Membership in an LWF member church.

Years of Experience:  Requirement – 8 to 12 years.  Desirable – 8 to 12 years.
Language Knowledge:  Fluent in English.  Working knowledge of French, and/or German or Spanish would be an asset.
Work time: 100%
Travel: Extensive (more than 20 days/year)

Position Environment and Dimensions

In a highly political international environment, and as a representative of a faith-based organization which has a strong commitment to the human rights framework and a long-lasting engagement with the UN, the incumbent is required to position LWF externally on a variety of issues ranging from humanitarian aid to migration and climate change. She-he relates to a worldwide network of churches, government officials, international organizations and UN bodies to address these issues from a faith-based perspective, leading the interaction at high level on behalf of LWF, under the guidance of its General Secretary.

Internally, the incumbent liaises with operational departments and their specific mandates and programmatic priorities safeguarding coherence and coordinating a consistent and well integrated approach.

Main Duties

  1. Strategically coordinates advocacy work with LWF departments involved in peace, gender justice, migration, humanitarian, climate, religious freedom and human rights questions.
  2. Leads the development of relevant policies and strategies for LWF contribution and response to critical issues in these fields and ensures consistency in the implementation within LWF Departments.
  3. Takes up advocacy and human rights issues relating to member churches.
  4. Interacts effectively with relevant UN bodies, governments and international organizations and agencies on issues relevant to LWF priorities and programs.
  5. Responsible for contacts and communication with government offices, embassies, U.N. offices, NGOs, and other specialized organizations.
  6. In coordination with the internal structures concerned, maintains contact with church leaders of the 145 LWF member churches, ecumenical partners and other faith-based organizations and communicates matters that require action and/or follow up.
  7. Provides in-house counsel on issues linked to the LWF Constitution, Bylaws and internal policies, as well as taking the lead for these issues at LWF Council level.
  8. Deals with legal agreements between LWF and other bodies, particularly the trusteeship agreement between LWF and Kaiserin Augusta Victoria Stiftung (KAVSt) in Jerusalem.
  9. Assists the General Secretary in the preparation of statements, speeches and articles which articulate LWF positions for the constituency and/or general public and speaks on his behalf in the socio‑political arena, as required.

Special Duties : As may be assigned by the General Secretary.

Major Challenges:

To strengthen the involvement of LWF member churches, the LWF Communion Office in Geneva and LWF country programs in the promotion of LWF priorities and provide consistent and effective orientation and support to LWF Departments and their directors in strategically leading and coordinating advocacy.

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