Consultancy for the Assessment of ACT climate structures, joint fundraising & environmental policy review

Location: In any of the ACT Alliance regions of the world  
Language required: English 
Experience required: Organizational development including internal policy review and development capacities, resource mobilization, climate change advocacy and programming  
Consultancy start: 11.09.2023 
Duration of Contract: 3 months (25 days) 
Application deadline: 31.08.2023 
About ACT Alliance  
ACT Alliance is one of the world’s largest coalition of churches and church-related organisations engaged in humanitarian, development and advocacy work. It consists of 149 members working together in over 120 countries, with headquarters in 73 countries, whose aim is to create a positive and sustainable change in the lives of poor and marginalised people regardless of their religion, politics, gender, sexual orientation, race or nationality in keeping with the highest international codes and standards. 64% of our members are headquartered in the Global South, 30% in the Global North, and 6% are Global members. For more details about the general work of ACT, please refer to

Terms of reference 
ACT Alliance would like to engage a consultant for an Assessment of ACT climate structures, joint fundraising, and environmental policy review described within these Terms of Reference.
ACT Alliance’s structure is unique, with national, sub-regional and regional forums that bring local, national, regional and international church-related organisations to work together under the same principles and standards, bringing different skills and expertise to support each other and leverage collective action in humanitarian, development and advocacy engagement. Thanks to the presence of national ACT Forums in over 50 countries, and of its global secretariat in several strategic locations (Amman, Bangkok, Bogota, Brussels, Geneva, Nairobi, New York and Toronto), ACT Alliance is able to bring local and regional concerns to the global arena. Conversely, global trends and development can be transmitted to the regional and national levels using these structures. 
Climate change is a driver of inequality, poverty and disasters that keep frontline communities from being able to enjoy their human rights and lead dignified lives. Efforts to respond to the climate crisis must deliver a new reality for these communities. In order to respond to these challenges, ACT Alliance has the ambition to develop ACT structures that facilitate effective climate change response by ACT members through joint efforts at national, regional, and global level. This aspiration is anchored on the need to have nuanced cross-structural coordination mechanisms that allow ACT Forums to holistically programme in climate justice. In addition, and cognisant of the urgency of the climate crisis, ACT members have the opportunity to jointly pool resources, fundraise, and implement climate programmes that respond to the rising climate change needs. This consultancy seeks to document existing joint fundraising strategies and approaches and explore additional options that will enhance joint and holistic programming in climate justice programming. Finally, this consultancy seeks to review its internal environmental policy (developed in 2018) with a view to strengthening elements of the policy, such as CO2 emission reduction, implementation and accountability frameworks, including taking into account recent ACT commitments in other spaces (Climate and Environment Charter for Humanitarian Organizations; ICVA Commitment and Motion to Action on climate and environment). The process will additionally, seek to engage with ACT Forums in a bid to broaden these commitments and environmental policy expectations to the ACT membership at large. 
ACT seeks the services of a team of expert consultants with proven skills and capacities in organizational development, environmental policy design and development and fundraising/resource mobilization for development work with particular focus on climate change. 

Tender process  
Only registered consultants or companies shall be considered. Qualified and interested parties should send their tender application to: by 31st August 2023.  
In your tender, please include: 

  • Expression of Interest, including time estimation (work plan)
  • CVs of the team of consultants
  • Justification of consultancy or company registration
  • Samples of/or links to previous consultancy work completed
  • List of 3 professional reference person
  • Financial offer: gross daily rate for the consultancy in USD – including administrative overheads, taxes and charges. 
    Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.