Consultancy to Develop and Facilitate the CPDE/Faith Based Constituency Training Event

Project Description

This project’s goal is to ensure that faith leaders and communities in East Africa understand the importance of and engage on development effectiveness, Agenda 2030 and the national and global planning processes to deliver them.  Currently faith based organisations, although often wielding substantial resources and activities, are not sufficiently involved in the development community at national level.

Scope of work for this consultancy:

On behalf of the Faith Based Constituency Steering Group

  • An engaging and effective regional training event over three days to enable participants to:
  • To develop and facilitate appropriate preparatory training for participants in-country, including for Phase 1:
    • A webinar event to introduce potential participants to the training event and what it will cover- Target date: mid to end Sept 2017
  • An engaging and effective regional training event over three days to enable participants to:
    1. Apply Development Effectiveness Principles within the context of national programming and advocacy
    2. Understand why and how to engage on Agenda 2030 and the SDGs at a national and local level. Training on Agenda 2030 needs to cover the context of its introduction, its themes, goals and targets, and its methodology of implementation at a national level.
    3. Develop understanding and dialogue of faith based discourse relevant to ensuring community buy-in to the SDGs. We suggest participating organisations and Steering Group members could share this in a participatory way.
    4. Conduct participatory planning of phase 2, involving a meeting with faith networks at national level to assess progress and plan future engagement
  • Must include designing the agenda and employing appropriate teaching methodologies and trainers
  • Ensure time is built in for country groups to work together to develop plans that they will commit to delivering on return home
  • to identifying appropriate training materials for the events for post training use
  • ensuring strong facilitation, which may include by self and/or other facilitators

For full job description please click here: Terms of Reference for CPDE Consultancy on Training