Consultancy to support translation (English – Spanish, Spanish – English, English-French), transcription, video subtitling, and event summary for the ACT Alliance Global Gender Justice Programme


Location : Home-based
Application Deadline : 7 October 2020
Type of Contract : Individual or company Contract
Languages Required : English and Spanish; and/or English and French
Starting Date :

(date when the selected candidate is expected to start)

15 October or ASAP
Duration of Contract : Approx. 7.5 days


Programme Description

ACT Alliance is the largest coalition of Protestant and Orthodox churches and church-related organisations engaged in humanitarian, development and advocacy work in the world, consisting of 136 members working together in over 120 countries to create positive and sustainable change in the lives of poor and marginalised people regardless of their religion, politics, gender, sexual orientation, race or nationality in keeping with the highest international codes and standards.

Gender Justice is one of the milestones identified in the current ACT Alliance Global Strategy. In order to achieve this milestone, ACT has created a Gender Justice Programme with a primary objective to enable the coalition to become a leading faith-based alliance speaking out on gender justice. Through the programme, ACT is also seeking to develop structures and processes that will deliver a strong record of results and effective programming that respond to intersecting inequalities.

The Government of Sweden, through Sida, has agreed to fund ACT’s Gender Programme for a three-year period through its Strategy for Global Gender Equality and Women’s and Girls’ Rights. Sida funding will be used to support the capacity of the Gender Programme and of ACT Member organisations through focus on four programmatic outcomes.

Scope of Consultancy

The Gender Justice Programme would like to better highlight the stories of community members impacted by the Gender Justice work undertaken by ACT members, as well as facilitate the sharing of internal lessons and experiences of carrying out gender justice work around the world.

ACT Alliance’s structure is unique, with national, sub-regional and regional forums that bring local, national, regional and international church-related organisations to work together under the same principles and standards, bringing different skills and expertise to support each other and leverage collective action in humanitarian, development and advocacy engagement. Thanks to the presence of national ACT Forums in over 50 countries, and of its global secretariat in several strategic locations (Geneva, New York, Nairobi, Bangkok, Amman, Brussels, Toronto and San Salvador), ACT Alliance is able to bring local and regional concerns to the global arena. Conversely, global trends and development can be transmitted to the regional and national levels using these structures.

With a view to make more video and publication resources accessible to our members and the interest the public on both public platforms as well as internal learning platforms, the global gender justice programme seeks (a) consultant(s) to assist with the:

  • transcription, translation, and sub-titling of 10 current videos of 3-7 minutes
  • The transcription, translation, and sub-titling of 10 or more videos still in production (3-5 minutes)
  • the editing and summarising of 5 one to one and a half hour webinars (‘creating a highlight’ reel of main points in collaboration with the programme team)
  • the editing of three 3-5 minute introduction videos (from 30 minutes of footage each) with subtitling
  • the editing assistance as well as translation and sub-titling of three 3-5 minute stories (from approx. 30 minutes – 1 hour each of footage). See examples:
  • The translation of various written resources (2.5 days)

Approach and Methodology

The Consultant is expected to define an approach and timeline to the work in collaboration with the programme team and expected to include the following, but not limited to:

  • handbrake subtitles, subtitle edit download, or equivalent to produce .str files
  • video editing software (ACT Alliance cannot support software licenses)
  • timestamped transcriptions
  • Edited videos of highest quality and all organised raw footage (for any possible future use)

Scope of Work

The consultant will be expected to lead on the following tasks in collaboration with the ACT Alliance Communications Officer and the Gender Justice Programme team.

  • Develop a timeline and action plan.
  • Meet with ACT staff to present methodology.
  • Transcribe existing videos and provide translations and subtitles in .Str files.

Expected Deliverables

  • Transcriptions of approx. 20 videos
  • Translations/subtitles (in .str files) for 26 videos (3-7 minutes)
  • Summaries and the translated summaries of five past webinars summarizing
  • 5 highlight reels from past seminars with the subtitles
  • 3 edited videos of “stories”
  • Translation of publications (approx. 2.5 days )

Required Skills and Experience

  • language and translation skills
  • translating documents and subtitles properly, ensuring high standard of accuracy, and maintaining the spirit, context of texts and spoken language
  • ensuring quality, technical language and nuances of the original version, using precise, clear and proper terminology;
  • professional video editing experience
  • experience with transcription
  • subtitling experience
  • experience with gender justice related programming is a benefit


The consultant will work in collaboration with the Gender Programme team and report to the ACT Gender Justice Programme Manager.


The project is expected to be conducted over a period of two-three months based on 8 (or negotiated) working days. The starting date is anticipated to be 15 October 2020.

Application Process

ACT will evaluate the following documents.

  1. a) Expression of interest outlining how the consultant meets the selection criteria and their understanding of the Terms of Reference and expectations of the assessment;
  2. b) A budget proposal;
  3. c) Copy of CV;
  4. d) Previous work example;
  5. e) Any recommendations from previous work (optional).

All documents must be submitted not later than 7 October  2020 via email to: