Consultant for the formation of a Syria partnership

The overall objective with hiring a consultant is to guide and drive the process towards a joint partnership that builds on the reality inside Syria and on each organization’s strengths and strategies for providing humanitarian and recovery assistance to Syria.

Expected results:

·       An analysis of alternative partnership models based on the joint as well as each organization’s perceived benefits and contribution to a cooperation, and opportunities and limitations offered by the Syria context.

·       A signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), and additionally as agreed supporting documents, for the joint partnership outlining:

o   The agreed vision, purpose and scope for the cooperation

o   Areas and types of cooperation

o   Criteria for membership in the partnership

o   Benefits and commitments/obligations for member organizations

o   Distribution of complementary roles and responsibilities for each member organization

o   Relations to other stakeholders, networks and organizations

o   Risk management

o   Timeframes, needed human resources, financial requirements and accountability systems both towards partners and populations served as well as donors

o   The structure for the chosen partnership model including as needed, decision-making and management structures

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