Income Development Officer (60%)

The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) has an opening in its Geneva offices for an





Starting date:  1 January 2020

Closing date for applications:  15 September 2019

Duration of contract: initial contract of 5 years

Candidates are required to be in sympathy with the core values of our organization



The Department for Planning and Coordination (DPC) is responsible for the overall coordination of the planning, monitoring and reporting of the LWF Communion Office (CO) of the Lutheran World Federation – a Communion of Churches (LWF) and for the assurance of the quality and accountability of LWF outcomes. DPC oversees and supports the work of the LWF in various areas including in Resourcing.

The main purpose of this position is to support LWF mission and strategy in developing, securing and managing institutional un-earmarked funding for the Communion Office (CO), through coordination and engagement with a number of LWF funding partners. The incumbent shall also convene the Staff Working Team on Resource Mobilization and oversee donor relationship management for a selected number of donors.

Required Qualifications

  • University degree in fundraising, business, accounting or a related degree combined with relevant job experience.
  • English written and oral proficient, as well as one other LWF language.  Other LWF languages desirable, in particular French.
  • Conversant in office suite, database and Content Management System.

Additional Study and Experience

  • Minimum 3-year international experience in the area of fundraising with global donors, preferably within faith-based/ecumenical organizations.
  • Proven track record of successfully funding projects/programs and managing partners and donors’ relations.
  • Demonstrated ability to work and report with various project frameworks from different sectors (public, private, foundations).

LWF Core Skills

  • Achieving results – level high
  • Accountability – level high
  • Working effectively with others – level high
  • Leadership – level confirmed
  • Initiative – level confirmed
  • Analytical thinking – level confirmed

Required Skills

  • Communication / Networking / Promotion – level high
  • Facilitation / Negotiation – level high
  • Resources management / Fundraising – level high
  • Project management – level confirmed
  • Innovation – level confirmed

Position Environment and Dimensions

Internally, mainly interacts with Resource Mobilization Coordinators, PMER and finance staff from other departments, LWF regional secretaries, Head of Finance and Director for DPC.

Externally, interacts and cooperates with counterparts in member churches, related organizations, ecumenical organizations, NGOs and other donors, institutional or individual, public or private.

Global level responsibility for:

  • Managing donor relationship of institutional un-earmarked funds.
  • Coordinating the annual funding requests and CO agreements.
  • Supporting the fundraising strategy development and implementation for the Geneva Communion Office.

Limited travel from between 7 and 19 days per year

Main Duties

Resource Mobilization

Interacts with member churches, related organizations, and other donors to increase and manage un-earmarked funding (e.g. LWF membership fees, LWF Assembly fees, Endowment fund, legacy giving and online donations) and generate financial support for Communion and Ecumenical Relations activities.

Coordinates the CO annual funding request, commitments and agreements/MOUs with related organizations.

Supports the development and implementation of CO fundraising strategy.

Researches new opportunities for fundraising for LWF non-program related needs.

Expertise, Support, Learning and Development

Develops and manages internal processes to support donor relationship and coordination in the CO.

Contributes to strategic engagement with selected funding partners, and development of potential fundraising networks.

Support the stewardship of resources in the CO to make best use of the available funding.

Monitors the fundraising trends, activities and practices and with existing and potential donors specific to un-earmarked funds.

Convenes the Staff Working Team on Resource Mobilization.

Communication and Promotion

Ensures a good visibility and updated information flow as required by the scope of the position.

Organizes donor visits to the CO, including Working Together meetings.


Special Duties

As may be assigned by the supervisor.


Major Challenges

To develop and generate general income for the CO specific to un-earmarked funding.


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