LWF: Global Grants Manager, Francophone Africa

Global Grants Manager – Francophone Africa

Position type and closing date

Status: Family posting

Location: to be determined

Starting date: 1 July 2022

Duration of Contract: 2 years contract

The closing date for applications: 3 June 2022

Applicants are required to uphold the core values of our organization.

Lutheran World Federation (LWF) World Service (WS)

LWF World Service is the humanitarian and development arm of the Lutheran World Federation. We are a widely recognized, international, faith-based organization working in over 20 countries. We seek to bring people of all backgrounds together in the common quest for justice, peace, and reconciliation in an increasingly complex and fragmented world.

A commitment to the human rights of every individual, regardless of their status, guides our work, actions, and operations. We are particularly known for our timely, compassionate, and professional humanitarian work, and for our field presence in hard-to-reach areas. Our work is people-centered and community- based. Above all, we work with the most vulnerable, and in order to claim and uphold their rights, we engage proactively with local government and community structures.


For additional information, please see www.lutheranworld.org/WorldService.



The Global Funding Team (GFT) in World Service is responsible for securing and managing direct funding (grants) from institutional donors (including US Government and EU), as part of World Service’s funding strategy to diversify, consolidate and sustain its funding for its country program operations. It is currently staffed with 6.6 persons (4.6 in Geneva and 2 in the Africa region).

The position of the Global Grants Manager of the Lutheran World Federation World Service (LWF-WS) primarily for the Francophone Region has been based in Yaoundé, Cameroon and is responsible for supporting country programs to secure new grants and ensure well-planned, well managed and well implemented projects that deliver quality services to the target populations as well as ensuring donor satisfaction.


Required qualifications

Master’s degree in humanitarian or development work, and/or other related social science.



Knowledge and Experience

3 to 5 years of professional experience in international humanitarian and development programs.

Work experience and understanding of US and EU donor agency regulations, requirements and templates is required.

Cultural sensitivity and adaptability. High degree of integrity and professional responsibility.

2 to 3 years working experience in the field is an asset.

Flexibility, patience, and ability to work under pressure and with tight deadlines.

Ability to work independently and at times with little supervision.

Ability to travel in the region at short notice (including securing necessary visas and travel documents)

Strong organizational, interpersonal, verbal and written communication.

Strong computer literacy.

Proven ability to manage as a team builder, enabling and inspiring team members to fulfil their mission, setting up a conducive working environment.


Language Skills

English: Advanced (written, spoken)

French: Advanced (written, spoken)


LWF Core Skills

Analytical thinking –advanced level*

Initiative –advanced level

Leadership –advanced level

Achieving results – resource level

Accountability – advanced level

Working effectively with others –resource level


LWF Functional Skills

Attention to detail – advanced level

Capacity building – advanced level

Adaptability – resource level

Facilitation / Negotiation – advanced level

Grant Management –resource level

Regulatory compliance – advanced level



*LWF 3 skills levels are: basis -advanced -resource




Main duties

Programmatic work

To coordinate the hand-over of successful awards to the relevant implementing team in country programs. This will include kick off meetings and workshops for successful grants in country of operation including compliance, reporting requirements, developing activity and monitoring plans.


Operational representation, Advocacy, Networking

To ensure quality, compliance and consistency in proposals and reporting to support a professional, consistent representation of World Service.

Support in-country engagement with donors and key stakeholders.



Fundraising, grant management

To lead or assist in development and submission of proposal, concept notes, and expressions of interest, including budgets and required annexes remotely and in-country.

To engage and coordinate sector specialists within WS to support technical content.

To finalize, package and submit proposals according to donor specifications and deadlines and LWF quality standards.


People Management

To develop the capacity of country teams to respond to calls in accordance with donor rules and regulations.

To develop the capacity of country teams to implement and report on projects in accordance with donor rules and regulations.

To support and mentor in-country grants managers as and when relevant.


Asset Management

To ensure that all rules and regulations required by the donor are adhered to and included in the proposal. This can include donor liaison.

To participate in monitoring and follow up visits to ensure that the project is implemented in compliance with the LWF and donor regulations.


Major Challenges

Effects of COVID-19, leading to spontaneous changes in LWF’s and partners’ operational and strategic programming, to the cancellation or limitation of movements to country programs.

Low quality or lack of capacity in the country programs to initiate and/or deliver some work (CN, proposal, needs assessment, market study, project report, etc).

Delay in processing and submission of work (failure to meet internal and external deadlines).

Limited presence of partners and donors in the strategic areas and sectors targeted by the country programs – weak coordination.

Social (strikes, disasters, epidemic diseases), security (rebel, terrorist attack) and political (demonstrations, electoral unrest, etc.) instability in the countries and areas of intervention.


Other duties

As may be assigned by the direct supervisor.