Regional Manager Central, Eastern and Southern Africa


ICCO is a global organization with roots that go back to 1964.

The mission of the organization is to work towards a sustainable society in which poverty, inequality and injustice have been eradicated, and men, women and children can live in dignity and secure livelihoods.

With approximately 300 employees (75% non-Dutch) and revenue of some 40 million euros, ICCO operates from a coherent theory of change and it designs, manages and implements programs for inclusive development with focus on inclusive markets, food and nutrition security and responsible business. Gender, climate and the rights of marginalized groups are cross cutting issues. ICCO offers also brokering services for public/private partnerships. The organization is experienced in working with a wide range of financial tools.

ICCO’s operations consist of a Global Office in The Netherlands (Utrecht) and 5 Regional Offices around the globe, the largest of which is the Regional Office for Central, Eastern and Southern Africa (RO CESA) in Kampala, Uganda. We are looking for a Regional Manager (M/F 100%) for this Regional Office.

The Regional Office covers Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Burundi, Malawi Madagascar, Zimbabwe and South Africa. The Regional Office employs some 60 FTE’s in the region. Each of the offices, are headed by Country Programme Managers, who report to the Regional Manager in Kampala, Uganda. Programmes are deployed in 12 countries at this moment.

The Regional Manager has some 12 direct reports and around 50 indirect reports. The direct reports consist of country managers, finance and some project officers. The Regional Manager is also responsible for the strategic partnerships in the region. The present budget is between 12-15 million euro. In 7 of the countries local fundraising is under way. Looking at the region, the focus of the programmes is food security and economic empowerment.

Since 2010, like every region within the ICCO, the RO CESA has a Regional Council consisting of regional leaders in civil society, which advises the Regional Office on strategic policy issues.


As the Regional Manager, you report directly to the Executive Board in The Netherlands and are part of the Management team of the organization. Your role is to initiate innovation, show leadership and promote entrepreneurial behaviour in the region. As manager you have the responsibility for a large group of people with a divers background on a lot of different locations. You develop, implement and consolidate ICCO programmes and ensure and maximize the resources available for these programs in the region.

Also, you are responsible for regional strategy development, as well as for program development, implementation and evaluation in the region.

You represent ICCO in the CESA region towards governmental officials, embassies/consulates, international and national organizations, donor representatives as well as the national and international media.

You develop and implement strategies for targeting and obtaining funding and other resources, to ensure the continuation of existing programs for the mid and longer term, and the implementation of new programs in the region. You ensure that budgets are spent in accordance with donor proposals and regulations and within the appropriate timeframe.

You maintain constructive and effective relations with the Regional Council, which includes the facilitation of the biannual 3-day meeting, and good and timely communication with the Council.

Close cooperation with the Global Office in The Netherlands with regard to policy and thematic issues, as well as with ICCO’s relations in The Netherlands and the EU, is mandatory for your success as Regional Manager.

As a member of the ICCO Management Team, you will meet twice a year with the rest of the Management Team during a week’s conference in The Netherlands with the Executive Board, the Regional Managers of the other Regional Offices and the Heads of Department in the Global Office. Regular MT meeting (monthly) are conducted via teleconferencing.


With your inquisitive mind you create new working approaches, new forms of cooperation and new networks and projects in the region.

Because you are familiar with the region and have worked there during a considerable time, you are aware of the social, economic and political situation and the important role of religion and churches in the region

As a seasoned people manager, you easily establish and maintain effective working relations with staff, partners, coalitions, networks and sister agencies.

Your empathy and social flexibility ensures access to and progress in the different program countries in the region, and the right tone of voice towards the complex set of stakeholders. You lead by example and people are happy to work with you; therefore you bind people to the cause and to ICCO. These management skills will ensure getting the best out of people and out of the relationships in the region. Your approach is transparent and open-minded with an eye for people, while at the same time you have a business-like approach in achieving the goals of the programs. You strongly promote the concept of entrepreneurial innovation towards your staff and partners and towards the region as a whole.

Paying close attention to safety and security of staff is important to you, and your management style encourages true empowerment of your co-workers. This delegation of responsibilities is needed to be able to manage this Region.

Given the vast territory of the region, you are able to manage “at arm’s length” without losing touch with individuals or your connection with the various program countries. Your work involves extensive travelling in the region. You are willing and able to travel very frequently in the region. (50% of your time)

You work and think at an academic level, and you have excellent language skills in English and Dutch. Active knowledge of French is an advantage. You are willing and able to move to Kampala in the summer of 2016.


The remuneration is in accordance with the ICCO International Terms of Employment (salary scale 14).

Leaders Trust, (Executive Search and Leadership Consulting, Boulevard 17, 3707BK Zeist), in the Netherlands, is coordinating the search for the new Regional Manager.

For more information, you can call Leaders Trust.

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