Regional Program Coordinator

The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) has an opening in its Geneva offices for a



World Service is the international humanitarian and development arm of the Lutheran World Federation.  World Service works with local and international partners to alleviate suffering, combat injustice and poverty, and lay the foundation for a life in dignity for all.  More than 5,000 committed staff persons work for World Service in remote areas and often insecure situations, touching the lives of over 2 million people across 33 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Closing date for applications:  15 October 2017

Starting date:  As soon as possible

Duration of contract: Initial contract of 5 years

Candidates are required to be in sympathy with the core values of our organization



Basic purpose

The Regional Program Coordinator (RPC) is responsible to provide support to the World Service country programs and humanitarian operations in the countries assigned to her/him to ensure they fulfil highest programmatic and administrative standards. 40% of his/her time will be spent developing World Service concepts and supporting the implementation of livelihoods programming globally, as a specialist in this area. S/he shall be based in Geneva and is responsible to the World Service Head of Operations.


Basic position qualifications

  • Master’s degree in humanitarian or development work, agricultural sciences, economics and/or other related social science, with strong experience in livelihoods
  • Several years of professional experience in emergency response or development in a management role
  • Experience working with NGOs, UN agencies or faith based organizations
  • Fluency in English and French
  • Experience in managing staff and ensuring compliance and quality. Strong organizational, relational and enabling management skills, with diplomacy, respect and a supportive approach
  • Several years of work experience in the field of livelihoods in an emergency or development context


Years of experience: Requirement: 3 to 7 years; Desirable: 8 to 12 years

Language knowledge: Fluent in English and French. 

Travel: Extensive – more than 20 days per year


Position environment and dimensions

The Regional Program Coordinator (RPC) provides support to and ensures compliance in the Country Programs s/he is responsible for. The RPC works with the coordination, overseeing and monitoring of the World Service Country Programs and possible emergency response in the countries assigned to her/him. S/he will have general oversight of a region which will be considered as her/his particular area of responsibility, whilst observing mutual flexibility between both parties depending on need. S/he is the direct line manager of the Representatives / Directors in the Country Programs. This supervisory role must be carried out with an enabling and empowering approach.

This RPC is also responsible to develop and roll out specific guidance and support relating to livelihoods programming globally, as a specific specialisation and niche area for World Service in both its humanitarian and development work.

The work is carried out within the context of LWF’s policies and guidelines and the procedural and budgetary framework determined by the organization. It requires a high degree of initiative and ability to prioritise while remaining clear on the non-negotiable aspects of compliance and accountability required.


Main duties

On Support to the Country Programs

  1. Ensure coherence of policies and relevance of program work (strategic level)
  • Provide comprehensive analysis of country context and implications for program work;
  • Provide analysis of program work  (relevance, trends, appropriateness);
  • Ensure adherence to country strategy focus and direction;
  • Ensure compliance to World Service policies and national guidelines;
  • Promote accountability to affected populations;
  • Inform and disseminate relevant policies, news and information to the country programs.


  1. Ensure quality performance of country programs and emergency operations
  • Engage actively with the LWF representatives as their supervisor and primary contact point and supporter in Geneva;
  • Support country programs and emergency operations on necessary actions at program and project levels;
  • Ensure that the management teams in the country programs work together actively;
  • Promote proactive risk management and scenario or contingency planning;
  • Ensure high quality standard of program and project plans
  • Ensure timely reporting of country programs;
  • Carry out dynamic monitoring and feedback of country programs.


  1. Ensure Financial Viability, Accountability and Fund Raising
  • Support the country programs and emergency operations to stay or become financially sound and viable;
  • Support the country programs to have effective resource mobilization strategy, and together with field  staff work on country specific funding strategy;
  • Assure accountable, transparent and corruption-free operations: act on early signs, and do damage control, where appropriate and necessary.


  1. Ensure expertise and competence in the country programs
  • Provide regular feedback and periodic performance assessment of senior management staff;
  • Support field programs in senior staffing decisions;
  • Analyse and support training and capacity building needs of staff;
  • Ensure the sharing of best practices and promote learning across country programs.


  1. Develop and nurture partner relations
  • Maintain a close working and consultative relationship with LWF member churches, appropriate church-related partners, ecumenical bodies and interfaith partners;
  • Promote the involvement of local partners in planning, monitoring and evaluation of the program;
  • Network actively with the related agencies in the country and the relevant peers in Geneva and promote collaboration at all levels;
  • Nurture relations with UN, government and various networks related to the country program and emergency operations;
  • Carry out cooperation with the relevant Department for Mission and Development (DMD) Area Secretary in the Geneva Communion Office on issues related to LWF member churches in the region.


Special duties

On Livelihoods as a global priority

  • Lead development of methodology for transition from emergency to post-emergency / recovery livelihoods nd from early recovery programming into longer term resilient livelihood programs
  • Create and coordinate an internal advisory network of livelihoods specialists from within the country programs and emergency operations
  • Provide programmatic and technical support for livelihood programming , building and supporting capacity development in this field globally
  • Create and develop relevant policy direction and implementation guidance tools
  • Represent LWF in relevant livelihood networks to increase strategic livelihood programming learning development and increase the LWF profile and visibility globally


Major challenges

  • To ensure that country programs and emergency operations under the position holder’s assignment fulfill the highest programmatic and administrative standards.
  • To coordinate, facilitate and monitor the implementation of complex and multi‑sectorial programming in an accountable and efficient way, in spite of financial or other constraints
  • To balance the workload between livelihoods support and country program responsibilities
  • To develop her/his own skills and career path.


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