Website consultant

In the context of the modernisation of the ACT Alliance’s website, the communications team is seeking a consultant to optimise the performance of its web presence.

The consultant will be asked to perform the following tasks:

  • Plan for removal of an existing custom theme, which does not serve us any longer, without losing website performance;
  • Add an interactive map to the homepage to replace static:
  • Add an icon-based thematic gallery on the homepage to replace the existing photo gallery.
  • Add an interactive map to the Humanitarian page and integrate with appeals and RRF tracking system.
  • Optimise of ACT news (posts) back end and tagging system;
  • Optimise of  tagging systems;
  • Optimise the thematic pages (6);
  • Optimise photo galleries and the filter section on specific pages (see example here:
  • Optimise of SEO;
  • Revamp of the ACT assembly web page.

Information on the web page

The current platform used is hosted on WordPress. The site is built using DIVI and structured around a custom theme that we would like to remove for security and stability reasons.

How to proceed to be considered

  1. An email with an expression of interest should be sent to  CC by 18 of November, 2022.
  2. A meeting between the communications team and the applying consultant will be organised to answer all questions the consultant might have to build the plan and quote;
  3. The consultant will apply including in the application: a plan, with visual mock-ups for each page, and a step-by-step approach on how to remove the custom theme with a risk analysis and alternatives; The application should include a timeline and the list of all people who will work on this project and their CVs.
  4. The communications team will select two candidates.
  5. A second meeting will be scheduled for the two candidates to present the plan and answer the question the communications team might have.
  6. The communication team will make the final selection. The contract will be signed by 21st of December 2022.
  7. The project will begin in January 2023.