Member News

29 Feb 2016
When the Syrian civil war started almost 5 years ago, ACT Alliance member PWRDF began providing relief to those displaced by the conflict.  Over the last five years as the [...]

ACT News

13 Dec 2016

Several people, mostly women and children, lost their lives due to a bomb blast at the Cairo’s main Coptic cathedral during the Sunday morning Mass. “Such an attack on innocent worshippers and the church property is despicable, immoral and shameful”, said John Nduna, General Secretary of ACT Alliance in a message to the Rt Rev. […]

23 Feb 2015

Cairo, Egypt is one of the largest urban refugee centres in the world. Over 255,000 refugees call Cairo home. Unlike refugee camps like Kakuma or Dadaab in Kenya, refugees in Cairo are not all congregated in one place, but live as they can throughout the city. In the last few years, the Sudanese and South […]

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