Member News

03 Apr 2018
ACT member LWF informs refugees in Cameroon about danger of unassisted return to Boko Haram occupied areas (LWI) – Four years ago, thousands of people fled the Boko Haram terror in [...]

ACT News

07 Jul 2020

It is a sad reality that the COVID-19 Pandemic is ravaging our globe and the spread of the virus is serious and terrifying. It is on this note that I have decided to check on the well-being of my friends and loved ones, hoping that we shall overcome this challenge together. We are frail and […]

14 Feb 2019

“The government helped save many girls  abducted by Boko Haram, but it doesn’t protect them from physical abuses by government armed forces. In one village I have visited eight girls below 17 who said they had been raped by government soldiers”,  says Nubwa, who works in a local organisation that cooperates with NCA on GBV. […]

07 Jul 2014

Partners of ACT member Christian Aid are providing emergency support to some 50,000 people who have fled a conflict in the north central state of Benue in Nigeria. The violence is the latest outbreak of a long-running land dispute between local farmers and groups of nomadic Fulani cattle herders. Clashes between Fulani and Jukun communities […]

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