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Relief efforts underway after Hurricane Irma

Relief supplies being loaded onto a truck as part of the Cuban Council of Churches' humanitarian response to Hurricane Irma, which affected millions of Cubans. Photo: Erick Coll/ACT
16 Sep 2017

Hurricane Irma hit the shores of Cuba on September 7, a category 5 storm with sustained winds of 295kph.   For four days, Irma battered the north coast of Cuba. 2,000,000 people fled to shelters, churches, or the homes of relatives and neighbours.  9 metre waves swept inland, contaminating fresh water sources, destroying crops, homes and […]

No region exempt from violence

Angelina Awen sits with her granddaughter Aok in a camp for over 5,000 internally displaced persons in an Episcopal Church compound in Wau, South Sudan. Most of the families here were displaced by violence early in 2017, after a larger number took refuge in other church sites when widespread armed conflict engulfed Wau in June 2016. 
As the rainy season approaches, they have no shelter, and sleep every night in the open.
Norwegian Church Aid, a member of the ACT Alliance, has provided relief supplies to the displaced in Wau, and has supported the South Sudan Council of Churches as it has struggled to mediate the conflict in Wau. South Sudan
28 Aug 2017

In the months following the December 2013 political conflict, violence raged in some parts of South Sudan and not in others. In the northwestern city of Wau, for example, residents watched from afar, seemingly unconcerned that the politically-manipulated ethnic violence could spread there. And then it did. The victims ran for the city’s churches. “It […]

Responding to floods victims in Nepal

Kitchen Utensil
22 Aug 2017

  Not everything happens for good reason. The devastating floods triggered by unceasing rains in the second week of August 2017 spelled a disaster in the life of Bale Nepali, a resident of Bhajani municipality in Kailali. The flood not only destroyed his house and peanut farm but also swept away cattle and chickens, rendering […]

“We have safe water now”

Mary Kuol carries water home from a well dug by the ACT Alliance in Yang Kuel, a village in South Sudan's Lol State  - Credit: Paul Jeffrey
15 Aug 2017

Mary Kuol carries water home from a well dug by the ACT Alliance in Yang Kuel, a village in South Sudan’s Lol State – Credit: Paul Jeffrey   Mary Kuol carries water home from a well dug by the ACT Alliance in Yang Kuel, a village in Lol State, South Sudan where the persistent drought […]

“There is nothing to keep us alive”

Nidier Atak cooks wild leaves in Rumading, a village in South Sudan's Lol State where more than 5,000 people, displaced by drought and conflict, remain in limbo. Atak and her five children left their home in Wanalel in January 2017 after successive crop failures left them with no other options. They set out walking for Sudan, seeking better conditions, but stopped at Rumading when they met others who had been violently turned back at the border. So they remain camped out under trees, eating wild leaves as the rainy season approaches. Her husband had left home looking for work months earlier, and she doesn't know where he is.
In early April, Norwegian Church Aid, a member of the ACT Alliance, began drilling a well in the informal settlement and distributed sorghum, beans and cooking oil to the most vulnerable families. It is carrying out the emergency assistance in coordination with government officials and the local Catholic parish. South Sudan
27 Jul 2017

Nidier Atak cooks wild leaves in Rumading, a village in South Sudan’s Lol State where more than 5,000 people, displaced by drought and conflict, remain in limbo. Credit: Paul Jeffrey   In South Sudan’s Lol State, Nidier Atak sought to flee from the violence that swept through her village of Wanalel, where people already suffered from […]

ACT Alliance responds to hunger throughout war-torn South Sudan

Adhieu Deng Ngewei and three of her children pose in front of their new hut on April 12, 2017, in Dong Boma, a Dinka village in South Sudan's Jonglei State. They and most other families here recently returned home after being displaced by rebel soldiers in December, 2013, and they face serious challenges in rebuilding their village while simultaneously coping with a drought which has devastated their cattle herds.
During the period they were displaced, this family took refuge on an island of the White Nile River, living on the edge of starvation for almost three years.
The Lutheran World Federation, a member of the ACT Alliance, is helping the villagers restart their lives with support for housing, livelihood, and food security. The ACT Alliance funded the construction of this family's new hut. South Sudan
26 Jul 2017

Adhieu Deng Ngewei and other women work together on April 12, 2017, in a community vegetable garden in Dong Boma, a Dinka village in South Sudan’s Jonglei State.  Credit: Paul Jeffrey   Dong Boma, South Sudan – When the war reached her village in early 2014, Adhieu Deng and her husband grabbed their seven children […]

Support to Cold Snap Affected People in East Romania – Final Report

AIDRom ACT Alliance 2017 RRF Final Narrative Report
13 Jul 2017

Romania was one of the countries hit hardest by the cold snap which began around Europe in late January, associated with heavy snowfalls and a deep freeze. Thousands of people were trapped during January for long days in the Southern and Eastern parts of the country.  Many elderly people died from hypothermia after temperatures dropped consecutively […]

Laut’s Lament

Ustad Alimondas Laut (right) addressing peace advocates and the media in the Philippines describing his experience as an IDP, forced to flee the violence in Marawi City. Photo: Patricia Mungcal/NCCP
06 Jul 2017

  “We are being hurt,” says Ustad Alimondas Laut, holding back tears. Sad stories aren’t the usual markers for the end of Ramadan in the Philippines. For Filipino Muslims, festivities generally denote the end of Ramadan. The government declares this day, which falls on June 26 this year, a nonworking holiday across the country. But, […]

Working towards solutions in the Horn of Africa

Group photo from AACC Event in Nairobi
06 Jul 2017

On June 28th and 29th 2017, members of the ecumenical family along with national and international organizations gathered at the All Africa Conference of Churches in Nairobi, Kenya for the “Mobilisation of faith communities for overcoming hunger and sustaining justice and peace in the Horn of Africa”. The event brought together leaders from different faiths […]

Building relationships with global agencies

05 Jul 2017

ACT Alliance General Secretary Rudelmar Bueno de Faria has begun his tenure with ACT by focusing on enhancing ACT’s relationships with the United Nations and other global agencies.  In his first weeks he has held meetings with UNICEF, UNFPA, UN Women, UNDP, the UN Deputy-Secretary-General´s office, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on the Prevention of […]

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