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[COP23 Blog] Gender and Climate Change

14 Nov 2017

I am writing this blog from Bihar, the second largest state in India, which was ravaged by floods in August 2017 that killed more than 500 people and displaced over 12 million, causing huge destruction to human life, animals, the environment and the entire ecosystem. As I visit rural affected villages nearly 2 months later, I […]

[COP23 Press Release] Global church leaders urge COP23 to take action

13 Nov 2017

After a week of negotiations at the UN climate summit taking place in Bonn, Germany, the World Council of Churches (WCC), The Lutheran World Federation (LWF), and ACT Alliance – together representing more than half a billion Christians worldwide – expressed their concerns at the slow progress governments have made so far. “Climate justice cannot […]

[COP23 Blog] Climate Finance – two words and so many interpretations

13 Nov 2017

It may be easy for parties to agree on the need for climate action, but as soon as the agenda turns to how the bill should be paid conflicts arise. And sadly, parties seem to have difficulties understanding, or even listening to, each other. I hope they will read this blog post. Maybe it will […]

[COP23 Blog] A decarbonised world is a chance for eradicating poverty

10 Nov 2017

Too often developed countries see climate change as a burden for their industrialised activities because the level of innovation and the systemic change required are of unprecedented scale. Indeed several economic sectors need major shifts in thinking about current methods of production and consumption. It is a matter of risk perception. If governments wait too […]

[COP23 Blog] Stolen Land Stolen Future: Land use at the center of international climate politics

09 Nov 2017

From 5th till 17th November 2017, all countries will meet for the 23rd annual Conference of Parties (COP23) of the international climate negotiations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). While the negotiations will focus mostly on defining the rules of the Paris Agreement and preparing the first global stocktaking of climate […]

[COP23 News] Voices of peasant farmers at the COP23

08 Nov 2017

by Julia Jawtusch, Bread for all In the first day of the COP23 a group of development, church-based organisations (Caritas France, CIDSE and Bread for the World, Bread for all, both members of ACT Alliance) joined forces with the global peasant movement “La Via Campesina” for two side-events on the topic of agroecology. We decided […]

[COP23 Blog] Beyond Adaptation

07 Nov 2017

Growing up, we had happy memories of rain. You dance and sing under it, play games with your friends, and register happy memories in your brain when rainfall hits grass and soil, releasing nature’s scents. It is a bit disturbing when one sees children shiver at the sound heavy rainfall, run for cover at the […]

[COP23 Blog] 25.000 unite to demand Climate Action

05 Nov 2017

Yesterday, thousands gathered at Münsterplatz in Bonn to express their commitment to achieving ambitious climate action. The climate march brought together people from across the globe, with different backgrounds, experiences, climate realities and sets of demands. However, amidst the various organizational and individual priorities and agendas was a clear and unifying demand for climate justice. […]

[COP23 Press Release] The Implementation of the Paris Agreement must protect and promote the principles of human rights, gender justice and equity

05 Nov 2017

PRESS RELEASE (Bonn, Germany) It is now one year since the since the Paris Agreement entered into force.  On the eve of COP23, the ACT Alliance urges the full, ambitious, and transparent implementation of the Paris Agreement. ACT Alliance, a network of 146 faith based organizations and churches based in 125 countries around the world […]

[COP23 Press Release] Global churches act together for climate justice in call to COP23

05 Nov 2017

PRESS RELEASE The World Council of Churches, ACT Alliance and Lutheran World Federation – together representing more than half a billion Christians worldwide – are issuing a united call for action on climate justice, the largest call of its kind in history. In a joint video message released on 5 November, leaders of the three […]

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