Capacity building

15th July 2015

ACT Alliance Capacity Building

Cacarica, Chocó.  Cacarica is a community of returned displaced people. 
Consultation on the building of the Panamerican Highway through the Darien Gap. The consultation included Wounan Indigenous and negro communities.
ACT Alliance training materials explore key concepts, introduce practical analytical tools, and facilitate reflection on strategies for integrating gender equality and human rights principles and standards.
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Psychosocial interventions have become increasingly recognized as a valued and important dimension of immediate and long-term disaster response. As Community Based Psychosocial Approach adds a mental and social dimension to traditional humanitarian aid, it has assumed considerable significance as a focus for relief efforts along with material support such as food, water and shelter
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Humanitarian sign on car window, no guns, no weapons are carried in this vehicle
The ACT Alliance views staff safety and security as a serious concern in its development, humanitarian and advocacy work. The sharp increase in attacks on aid workers in the past decade, particularly among humanitarian aid workers, makes it imperative that ACT members have measures in place to ensure the safety and security of their programme personnel (employed or volunteers) and resources.
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Other Capacity Building Initiatives

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