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  • Public Statements Committee Call for Statements assembly_document

  • Make your voice heard blog

    Simon Chambers, ACT's Head of Communications, writes about some of the communications planning for the Assembly and how you can get involved in spreading the word and making your voice heard.

  • Welcome to the ACT Assembly 2018 video

    Hope in Action- Putting People First, the ACT Alliance’s Third Assembly in Uppsala, Sweden, will bring together representatives from ACT’s 147 member churches and agencies to fulfil its governance mandate, to set the strategy for the Alliance, and to learn, share and worship together.

  • Assembly Advisory Group meets in Uppsala news

    The ACT Assembly is coming soon!  Last month, the Assembly Advisory Group met in Uppsala to continue their preparations for this important event in the life of the ACT Alliance. 

  • Let's transform the world! blog

    We are very close to one of the most important benchmarks in the life of the ACT Alliance: its General Assembly! Ten months ago, when I joined ACT Alliance as its General Secretary, I thought that we would have a lot of time to prepare this global gathering. 

  • Assembly Countdown is on - how to get involved? blog

    In just 222 days, the ACT Assembly in Uppsala will be starting and the months (for some of us years!) of planning will be unfolding into an inspiring week together as ACT members.  I can’t wait!

  • Briefing Note: Stories of Hope assembly_document

  • Hope in Action Exhibition – Exhibitors Registration Form assembly_document

  • Hope in Action Exhibition Briefing Pack assembly_document

  • Regional Celebrations Briefing Note assembly_document

    The purpose of the regional celebrations is to provide an opportunity for each region to celebrate part of their culture and their achievements over the past 4 years to inspire and celebrate together with the other assembly participants. It is compulsory for each region to prepare a celebration.