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Member News

ACT forum Angola emergency team field visit in Gambos, Huila province. Photo by Carlos.
27 Jan 2016
LWF and ACT Forum Partners Continue Food Distribution to Drought Affected Communities LUANDA, Angola/GENEVA, 7 February 2014 (LWI) – A woman and her children dig a hole in the dry [...]

ACT News

The skeletal remains of a cow lie where the animal fell.
08 Oct 2013

In 2013, a national drought emergency was declared in Namibia, with roughly 37 per cent of the population considered at high risk. In the Okarukoro area of north-eastern Namibia, for example, there has been no rain for three years. Okarukoro is normally arid and the Himba people living there have, for generations, been relying on […]