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ACT News

Soli Marita, a 3-year old Wichi indigenous girl, looks through the fence that separates a giant soy bean plantation from Lote 75, an indigenous neighborhood of Embarcacion, Argentina. The Wichi in this area, largely traditional hunters and gatherers, have struggled for decades to recover land that has been systematically stolen from them by cattleraisers and large agricultural plantations.
19 Aug 2015

In the heart of South America, the Gran Chaco covers almost 1 million square kilometres. It is the biggest dry forest in the world, spanning territories in Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay. The region has some of the most acute levels of poverty in Latin America. Across the three countries in this area, two ACT members […]

ACT Alliance event in San Salvador with Dr. Rigoberta Menchu
ACT/Sean Hawkey
25 Jul 2014

Members of the regional ACT South America Forum and Central America and Caribbean Forum undertook a joint advocacy initiative in July 2014 to grow civil society space and south-to-south cooperation, with a dialogue event in El Salvador. In attendance were Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchú, El Salvador’s Vice Chancellor and Vice Minister of the […]