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In Oreokastro refugee camp outside Thessaloniki in Greece live people who have fled from Syria.  Photo: Håvard Bjelland/ Kirkens Nødhjelp/ACT
01 Feb 2017

The refugee crisis in Greece has not ended, we just have forgotten it. 60,000 refugees are trapped in Greece, sometimes in substandard humanitarian conditions. A fact which clearly contrasts with the amount of European assistance pouring into Greece.  ACT Alliance EU has joined with 30 other organisations in asking EU Member States to prioritise the […]

27 Aug 2015

People, mostly men of all ages, crowded around the narrow walkway between the shelters and the wire fence surrounding the refugee camp high on a mountainside on the eastern shore of Chios, Greece. The atmosphere was noisy and chaotic with many languages being spoken at once. Garbage overflowed from the few bins along the path […]

Syrian refugees gather outside of the police station in Presevo, Serbia, where they are waiting to be registered for assistance. Many have traveled more than 1,000 miles in their flight to freedom. ACT member IOCC, in cooperation with Red Cross of Serbia, is providing meals to the weary travelers as well as to local people in need.
Nenad Preleveic/IOCC
13 Jul 2015

One thousand miles separate Syria and Serbia, but the desperation to flee their war-torn country is driving thousands of refugees from Syria, as well as some from Afghanistan and other countries to make the long and dangerous journey. Their trek is a combination of boats, buses, trains, and walking. Many land in Greece first. From […]

Brothers Bayas, 11, Abdurrahmal, 6, and Aymullah, 4, enjoy a moment of fun and relaxation
on the Greek island of Chios as their weary mother, Amina looks on. The Syrian
family endured a long and grueling trip by land and sea to escape war in their country.
IOCC is providing Syrian refugees arriving at the Greek immigration reception center
with access to improved shower and sanitation facilities so that they can take care of
their personal hygiene in privacy and with dignity. photo: Rebecca Loumiotis/IOCC
30 Jun 2015

Summer is the height of tourist season in the Greek isles, but Amina, 35, isn’t on the island of Chios with her husband and three young sons for a vacation. The Syrian refugee family is in flight from Damascus. Their long and arduous trek took them through Lebanon and into Turkey, where they hiked a […]