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Member News

08 Mar 2016
The life of 25-year-old María (not her real name) resembles building a house on quicksand: A futile attempt to create stability in a world that keeps uprooting individuals and destroying what [...]

ACT News

07 Mar 2016

PRESS RELEASE ACT Alliance is this week raising an alarm over the increasing violation of the space for civil society to operate in Central America. “The deteriorating situation for civil society organisations and human rights defenders in Central America in general, and in countries like El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras in particular, is of major concern,” […]

12 Feb 2016

Statement in solidarity with the women witnesses in the Sepur Zarco case in Guatemala As faith-based organisations, the ACT Alliance Guatemala Forum has expressed their solidarity with the women witnesses in the Sepur Zarco case in Guatemala. In a trial initiated in Guatemala in February 2016, eleven indigenous Maya Q’eqchi’ women have stood up and are […]

Several meetings, as that one in Nicaragua, were organised in preparation to the project.
27 Aug 2015

Young people from different Christian churches from remote areas and from major urban centers in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Colombia will be connected via internet tomorrow, August 28, to participate in the first on-line session of the International Diploma in Culture of peace, equity and sustainability. The Diploma, part of the project “Emprendemos Paz” carried […]

ACT News South America drought 2014
03 Aug 2014

Climate change and the “El Niño” phenomenon of unusually warm ocean temperatures in the equatorial Pacific, saw Central America plagued by drought this year. The lack of water damaged the staple corn and bean crops across the region, reducing harvests by up to 90 per cent in some areas and pushing hundreds of thousands of […]

ACT Alliance event in San Salvador with Dr. Rigoberta Menchu
ACT/Sean Hawkey
25 Jul 2014

Members of the regional ACT South America Forum and Central America and Caribbean Forum undertook a joint advocacy initiative in July 2014 to grow civil society space and south-to-south cooperation, with a dialogue event in El Salvador. In attendance were Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchú, El Salvador’s Vice Chancellor and Vice Minister of the […]

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 16.13.53
08 Jul 2013

Around 40 per cent of the Guatemalan population is indigenous – mainly Mayan. They suffered most of the 200,000 killings in the 1980s civil war. In 2013, the ACT Guatemala Forum, made up of eight members, commissioned a study about violence against indigenous women, to raise awareness both socially and politically. The study found that […]