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07 Mar 2016
“We are six people in our tent,” Sory Rasno (40) says. “At night the wind keeps us awake. There is no privacy, no space. The children start school this year, [...]
04 Feb 2016
Christian Aid welcomes the commitments that were made today by the UK, Germany, France and others to increase humanitarian support for Syrians and the region.  However the charity added that [...]
20 Nov 2015
DOHUK, Iraq, 20 November 2015 (LWI) – At age 12, Besna has already learned what it means to lose your home. “I miss my books and things, my video games [...]
13 Nov 2015
“Feel safe, free, and express themselves” DOHUK, Iraq, 13 November 2015 (LWI) – When the Islamic State militia (IS) advanced on Asna’s (not her real name) village in the Sinjar [...]
The Qasm family inspects the food box given to them by LWF. A ration for 15 days contains 10 kg of rice, lentils, salt, tea, beans, caned vegetables and chicken meat, sugar, pasta, bulgur and four bottles of cooking oil. It is supposed to last for 15 days. 
The Yazidi family lives an unfinished builling in Chamnke near Dohuk. LWF provides them with basic food. The house they live in was given to them by a local pastoralist, in return they look after his animals. Still there are no doors, proper windows r floor insulation, and the family does not have winter clothes.

Chamnke, Northern Iraq, October 2015
Photo: LWF/ Seivan Salim
09 Nov 2015
DOHUK, Iraq 9 November 2015 (LWI) – “We thought it would be a few days, until things calmed down”, Nadine says. “My parents said: go visit your uncle. It’s just a [...]

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Sara and Palig Sarkisian are refugees from Syria living in Amman, Jordan. When their family received a box of household supplies from household supplies from International Orthodox Christian Charities, a member of the ACT Alliance, the girls, who are 5- and 4-years old, respectfully, thought the box was the best part. IOCC supports Syrian refugee families, who aren't allowed by the Jordanian government to work, as well as many poor Jordanian families that have been negatively impacted by rising rents and prices for basic commodities, the result of the influx of Syrians into the country. Photo: Paul Jeffrey
31 Jan 2017

PRESS RELEASE Sara and Palig Sarkisian are refugees from Syria living in Amman, Jordan, where ACT members support Syrian refugee families. Photo: Paul Jeffrey The ACT Alliance, a network of 144 members in 100 countries, today joined the World Council of Churches (WCC) and the Lutheran World Federation (LWF), in calling for a reversal of […]

ACT News advocating in conflict situations
03 Dec 2014

2014 in particular has arguably been a year characterised by conflict. The beginning of 2014 saw violence in South Sudan internally displacing an estimated 575,000 people and more than 100,000 fleeing to neighbouring countries. In addition to its relief response ACT came together with the All Africa Conference of Churches and the World Council of […]

Contents of hygiene kit distributed by ACT members include essential items such as hygiene kits containing first aid equipment, soap, shampoo, water purifiers and sanitary products which are essential for enabling people to keep clean and healthy, and maintain a sense of personal dignity
ACT/Christian Aid/Sarah Malian
14 Aug 2014

ChristianAid UK and Ireland: PRESS RELEASE Over 1.5 million people are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance in Iraq and the number is set to increase says international humanitarian and development network ACT Alliance, as the Islamic State continues its encroachment in the region. Since the group’s violent take-over of large swaths of land in […]

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08 Nov 2013

The civil war in Syria has been raging for three years, causing a severe humanitarian crisis. According to the UN, more than 4 million people have been displaced within the country and more than 2 million refugees have found their way to Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and countries further afield. The death toll rose by […]